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You’ll hardly be able to contain yourself when you browse our huge selection of totes and containers. With seven brands to choose from, you can zero in on the perfect products, the perfect features for every container application. Find Flip lid totes, dividable storage containers, stack and nest containers, and stacking containers.

Avenue Supply containers are ideal for small parts in process and storage. Excellent for use in lean manufacturing systems for parts deliveries, easily fitting in returnable operations between work cells or facilities. Maximize storage when empty by stacking and nesting. Using plastic reusable packaging instead of single-use corrugated shipping and storage boxes and limited-use wood pallets in your operations or supply chain can deliver an ROI on your packaging investment within 12 months! Quality and versatility from Avenue Supply is provided by AkroMils, Quantum, Orbis, Lewis Bins, Schafefer, and our own brand, Relius Solutions.
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