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Storage Containers & Bins

Organization means efficiency. Efficiency means productivity. And productivity means profitability. Avenue Supply has everything you need to organize to the max-a HUGE choice of bins, bin shelving, bin racks, bin carts, parts organizers, bin accessories, totes and containers, pails and accessories, storage and IBC tanks, bottles, jugs, jars, bulk containers, drums and safety cans. (Whew!) Every option, every size, every type. colour choices aid in lean manufacturing by colour-coding parts, storage and handling everywhere in your facility.

Mobile and stationary shelving and racks provide easy sight storage at workstations or on the go. Use our Bin & Container Selection Guide to customize your storage solutions to your heart’s content, with endless choices from Akro Mills, Lewis Bins, Quantum, Orbis, Relius Solutions, Schaefer, and Durham. Most storage containers and bins are in stock for immediate delivery, and all carry our 3-Year Warranty.