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Industrial Spill Cleanup Supplies

Industrial spills pose serious safety hazards, damage equipment, and make for costly downtime. Contain and clean up industrial spills quickly, thoroughly, safely, and economically with a complete selection of products and kits from Avenue Supply. Stop the spread of spilled oils, liquids, and solvents with an effective combination of sorbent socks, pads, pillows, and rolls. Sorbents are available in cold, organic, hazmat, and polypropylene forms. Avenue Supply’s own Relius Solutions has the right product for each industrial spill situation. Use around and under machinery and equipment, around drums, under drip pans, and on shelves.

The key to containment is quick action-place compact wall/bench spill cleanup stations where the risk is greatest. Find the sorbents that will work on oils in water. With Avenue Supply you not only get quality products, you get all the help you need finding the right ones, with our Sorbent Selection Guide. Rapid delivery. Avenue Supply 3-Year Warranty.
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